A Day in the Life of My Backpack

I’ve discovered that, when you can’t drive and are fully reliant on other people for transportation, you do a lot of planning ahead. You also do a lot of pack-ratting.

Case in point: this past Saturday, I hitched a ride with my roommate that morning on her way to work so that I could run an errand, and didn’t make it home until well after midnight (thanks, Uber). As I was unpacking my backpack that night (ie my portable closet), I decided to document everything that I pulled out.


photo 3(6)



photo 4(1)



photo 1(5)

A library book


photo 3(3)

A bus pass


photo 2(2)

House keys


photo 3(5)

A handicapped parking pass


photo 2(4)

A pink button-down


photo 2(5)

Some sort of manicure kit


photo 1(3)

Two pairs of sunglasses


photo 1(4)

A mail order shirt from OldNavy.com


photo 4(3)

A rechargeable phone case


photo 1(6)

A left flip flop


photo 2(3)

A dress for a wedding


photo 4(2)

Various groceries


photo 3(4)

A birthday card


I may never go back to a purse again.