A Post with Pictures of Me and a Bunch of Famous People That I Recently Met

I spend a lot of time with celebrities. I’m constantly surrounded by them, and they’re constantly trying to get selfies with me.

I try not to brag about it too much because I don’t want people to be so jealous of my life that they start to hate me.

But everyone has been begging for me to release some of these images, so here they are.

I apologize if I sound boastful, but I had to share.

Brad ❤ He asked me on a date but then I remembered all those kids that he has so I declined. He took it well.

I asked Rihanna about Chris Brown before taking this photo which is why she looks so mad. It had nothing to do with me, she likes me a lot.

I forgot all of the things that Zac Effron had been in besides High School Musical. I asked him what he’s done since then, and this is a picture of him trying to think about it because he couldn’t remember either.

Then I met Al Roker and we had a great time getting to know each other!

Then he interviewed me and I told him a really sad story which he loved.

For all of you that thought Elvis was still alive somewhere out there, you were right! AND he lost all that weight, which I congratulated him on.

He was like, “Rachel I have a dream that you’ll take a selfie with me,” and I was like, “Did you just quote yourself?” And then we both laughed.

Justin Bieber was sucking in his cheeks so he would look skinnier. I told him he didn’t need to do that, but then he told me to hurry up and take the picture because he couldn’t breathe.

Oprah and I spent most of our time reminiscing about the time I appeared on her show.

Throwback to 2012! Said I was her favorite guest of the year!

He tried to interview me but I had to remind him that that’s not what this is, it’s just a selfie, Larry! Boy, some people just can’t get out of work mode, you know!

Then I met Jackie Kennedy, who I at first called Sandra Bullock even though she was standing right next to JFK and it was so embarrassing! But she was a good sport about it.

I asked him if he remembered the time he got assassinated. He didn’t remember. Then I asked if he remembered the time he had an affair with Marilyn Monroe. THAT he remembered! Men, am I right!

Malcolm X looks confused not because he was having a bad time but because he didn’t know what an iPhone was.

I saw Bill Clinton and told him how much I missed him.

Then he grabbed me because he wanted another selfie so badly!

I asked Dwayne which he liked better, being a professional wrestler or starring in the hit movie Tooth Fairy, and he couldn’t decide!

Anyways, bye, gotta go to war!




A very special thank you to Madam Tussauds of Washington, D.C. Without you, none of this would have been possible.