Five Months Already!

Well, everyone … my plant turned 5 months this week.

In some ways, these last five months have seemed slow: it’s exhausting, in between always trying to remember the weekly waterings and occasionally moving to different spots around the house to get closer to the sunlight. Hey – no one said motherhood was easy! 

But in some ways, they’ve flown by; everyday I look at my plant, and it seems like it’s grown a new vine or sprouted a new leaf while I wasn’t looking.

These last five months have been the most beautiful and rewarding five months of my entire life, and I’m so excited to see what the next five will bring.

We’ve done so much together, sometimes it’s hard to keep track!

We go out for tacos!

Good thing I’m bigger because we both fight for the guac!

We go to the pool!

Does anyone know a good swim instructor?

We watch baseball games!

Richmond Flying Squirrels
My plant wanted to catch a foul ball but I forgot to bring its glove!

We try on new clothes!

Carytown Richmond
I’m definitely a circus-themed mom.

We have fun at the toy store!

Word of Mirth Richmond
“The lion was like ‘Hello’ and the gray bear was like ‘Hi’ and then they became best friends!”

We go out for ice cream!

Bev's Ice Cream Richmond
I scream, you scream, we all scream for “share the sprinkles with your mom”!

We play on the playground!

The Fan, Richmond
Don’t throw up, please!
The Fan, Richmond
Did someone say “mediocre sandcastle”?
The Fan, Richmond
You’ll be driving one of these on your own before I know it!

We go grocery shopping!

No sugary cereals in this cart! #MomOfTheYear

We get a little silly!

Just reminding my plant what it will look like if it gets too fat.

Take Your Plant to Work Day!

My coworkers have just been dying to meet it!
Update: They said it was super well-behaved ❤️

We get our morning coffee together!

Lift Coffee, Richmond
Caffeine helps keep this sleep-deprived mama going!

We go to the candy store!

Okay, you caught me: I spoil my plant! Sue me!

We go to the movies!

Byrd Theatre, Richmond
Shhhhh! It’s about to start!
Byrd Theatre, Richmond

We go to the river!

And we applied sunscreen every 20 minutes. No sunburns for this plant, not on my watch.

We read books at the bookstore.

Did you know some fish live in the water?

Play date!

Please don’t be one of those weird plants with no friends

Okay, well that’s it for now! Bye bye!


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