Eating Our Way Through Austin

Well, we just finished conquering three days in Austin, Texas.

And by “conquering,” I mean “eating our way through.”

Because what’s the best part of Austin? Obviously the food, obviously. 

So we spent an entire long weekend consuming as much as we could in the City of Tacos (that’s what I named it because I wasn’t sure if there was an official name for Austin) (okay I just looked it up, the official name is actually the “City of the Violet Crown” and I didn’t eat any of those so I’m just going to stick with the City of Tacos).

I tried super hard to remember to take pictures of everything we ate while we were there. I was about 65% successful, which is REALLY good for my standards because I’m bad at remembering to take pictures of food since I’d usually rather just start eating it right away.

So please enjoy the Rachel and Celia Take the City of Tacos Food Album.

Still workshopping the name.

A delicious smashed black bean and avocado breakfast taco!

You can’t spell “Austin” without “guacamole”!

This is me trying to be artsy with cold brew but really it just looks like I took the picture on accident.

Let me clarify that we didn’t eat this, I just really needed to share a picture of this two-headed chicken.

Some above-average hummus that I almost forgot to take a picture of but then remembered at the very last second, whew.

A delicious smashed black bean and avocado breakfast taco!

A brunch taco this time.

I’d say these complimentary chips and salsa are pretty self-explanatory.

We split Brussels sprouts and salad and an entree but then I forgot to take a picture of it so here’s a picture of some of the Brussels sprout leaves because we’re messy eaters.

A $4 taco I got when I was drunk.

She was like “ugh I’m so sick of tacos so I’m going to get a bagel!” And then she was like “ugh I’m so sick of you taking pictures of me”

A delicious smashed black bean and avocado breakfast taco!

Yeah okay maybe it is the same kind of taco. Maybe we did go to the same coffee shop every day that we were there. SUE US.

These were some Cheez-Its I ate on the plane. They pair really well with a watered down, one-half can of tomato juice.

Not pictured:

  • The fried avocado tacos at Torchy’s that I forgot to take a picture of because I was super hungry, even after the guacamole
  • ALL of the cups of coffee I consumed at the Airbnb, thank you Anita, I know you didn’t buy those Keurig pods thinking they would all be used by one single guest
  • This water in a cardboard container that I bought for some reason
  • A piece of gum I chewed on the plane
  • Like a bunch of frozen margaritas
  • The fries we got at the Atlanta airport McDonald’s
  • The two okay fine, *seven* other bags of airplane Cheez-Its I ate during air travel

One comment

  1. I wish there were a “half-like” button on account of the lack of Austin’s greatest taco, Veracruz All Natural. Having said that, Torchy’s is the shit and I feel cursed that every week I stay at a hotel immediately adjacent to Torchy’s. Oh man, I should have told you to get the flaming Dr Pepper shot on 6th Street

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