The Life-Changing Magic of a Rabbit

Does someone ever come into your life, completely change your perspective on the world, alter your life philosophy altogether, and then disappear as quickly as they came?

You never quite know when the universe is going to deliver one of its unpredicted surprises. Or in what form.

Sometimes beauty happens when you least expect it.

Oh, but –

To be clear, that’s not in relation to this story in any way.

It was a fine spring Sunday. My friend TAYLOR and I were chit chatting on the patio of a nearby brewery – let’s call it Triple Crossing because that’s what the sign out front said.

We were enjoying the warm weather, catching up over beer but not pizza (that’s an inside joke about how TAYLOR really wanted some pizza but they didn’t have any and he was really disappointed. You had to be there).

“How is your weekend going” I think he said to me at one point.

“It’s going well, how is yours” I think I responded.

Sorry if our conversation is boring you, I just wanted to make sure everything is set up properly before continuing.

Suddenly, amid our heated discussion about how our weekends have been up to that point (they had both been fine, thank you for asking), a man appeared in the middle of the patio.

“Attention everyone!” said the unsuspecting and mysterious stranger. Dressed in a purple leopard print cape and a cowboy hat, we knew what he had to say would be important. Everyone stopped their conversations to listen. “My name is Rabbit, and I just want to tell you to be the love you wish to see in the love all around your life. Your life is surrounded by lives.”

He paused. We thought he was finished –

“My life has been the lives you all lead.”

– oh, no, he’s still going.

“Your lives are the life I am connected to. Love the love within you and around you. Spread the love, there is no greater love than love. Life. My name is Rabbit.”

Then he went inside as if he hadn’t just dropped the most powerful message any of us had every heard.

Which, you know…he hadn’t.

The rest of the patio patrons looked around at one another, unsure who that had been. Or if the whole thing had really happened.

Or if we were supposed to be affected by it in some way.

Then we all quickly forgot about the situation and moved on.

“How has your afternoon been” I think I then asked TAYLOR.

“It’s been fine, how has yours been” I think is how he answered me.

We continued to learn about each other’s days WHEN ALL OF A SUDDEN!

Rabbit was back, baby.

Like a musician who had just performed a mind-blowing concert, Rabbit removed his cape and cowboy hat and began to make the rounds around the table. As if thanking his fans for coming to the show and supporting his art.

When he came to our table, he offered up a hug in an effort to “spread the love.” TAYLOR, who prefers to spread the love in the form of a fist bump, offered up his knuckles. I, on the other hand, accepted a love-spreading hug. “The gyrating was a bit unnecessary,” I later told TAYLOR in regards to the hug when Rabbit had left, “But overall I’d give it a 4 out of 5 because I could tell he meant it. The hug, not the gyrating. Although I guess he meant both.”

Rabbit explained to us that he had earned the name “Rabbit” while attending Burning Man (checks out) years ago, because everyone noticed that he couldn’t stand still (checks out). And because he was mating with everyone (I made that part up in an effort to make myself laugh, it worked).

“How has your weekend been going” TAYLOR and I asked Rabbit, and he got bored with our chosen conversation topic and left.

Later, because we still weren’t totally sure the whole thing had even happened, we asked the management team at Triple Crossing if we could watch the security footage.

They said no.

Okay, we didn’t actually ask that but what a weird off-brand-M.-Night-Shyamalan twist that would have been!

The next Sunday, we went back to Triple Crossing in hopes of another Rabbit sighting.

Well, actually we went back because TAYLOR was trying to get some pizza this time. And again, they didn’t have any! Which was somehow funnier than the first time (for me).

But we definitely had our radars up for the appearance of a certain can’t-sit-still-Burning-Man-enthusiast-slash-motivational-speaker. We stuck around for awhile, catching up on our weekends and our afternoons.

When Rabbit didn’t appear (and neither did the pizza) (that was a joke for myself), we thought maybe we needed to summon him. We tried saying his name three times out loud (like Beetlejuice). Then we tried saying his name three times out loud in a mirror while flashing the lights on and off (like Bloody Mary). Then we tried touching our rings together while saying “Let our powers combine” (like Captain Planet).

But to no avail. Rabbit never returned.

I’m sure that he’s off gyrate hugging someone else at a brewery in a parallel universe (or Scott’s Addition) (that’s an inside joke between me and rest of Richmond).

So: this blog post goes out to all the people who come into your life, drop a life-changing and brain-infiltrating piece of wisdom into your head, only to later disappear into thin air without a trace.

Thank you for all the good that you do for the world.

Oh, but –

To be clear, that’s not in relation to this story in any way.

This is where it happened, sort of

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  1. Misleading blog title – definitely clicked expecting a persuasive promotion of a battery-operated household item. Liked it anyway.

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