Don’t Need No Gals

Well, it’s February. And that means everyone has that one February holiday on their mind: Galentine’s Day.

February 13: The day where gals get together with their best gal pals and celebrate female friendship through chocolate, crafts, fun decorations, artisanal cheeses, Beyoncé, rosé, tiny dogs, anything pink!, shoes, Ryan Gosling, brownies, tampon talk, crying together, Pinterest, and all the other things gals love.

It’s such a popular and commercialized holiday, stores will even start in January selling Galentine’s Day-related decorations, cards, and gifts. Cafés are covered in Galentine’s Day décor, and sometimes even create unique treats just for the holiday. TV commercials bombard you with ways to show your gals how much you love them. Even the internet is relentless, with ad after ad of gifts to give your gals on this special day.

But for those gals without gal pals, Galentine’s Day is just another holiday designed to make those gals feel bad about themselves. And as the holiday looms closer, many of us become more and more aware of our nonexistent plans on February 13.

I sometimes call it “Gals Without Gal Pals Awareness Day.”

But this year, instead of moping around on Galentine’s Day and feeling sorry for myself, I’ve decided not to let it get me down.

I realized, hey – I’m a strong, independent woman and I don’t need gal pals in order to celebrate Galentine’s Day.

And you know what? It felt empowering.

I did a fun Valentine’s Day-themed craft!

And boy was it fun!

I watched a funny-yet-sad-yet-romantic rom-com!

Meet cute!
That witty banter!
But will they fall in love at the end?

Time for a little gossip!

I ate “all the” chocolate! Yum!

The calories don’t count on Galentine’s Day!

I braided my hair!

And told myself how jealous I am of my hair and how much I wish I had it

I took a Cosmo quiz!

I got mostly A’s which means I’m a tiger in the bedroom!


Time to play a fun game!

I won!

Then I hosted a wine tasting!

I gave myself that boost of confidence and affirmation that every woman deserves.

“You are a beautiful, kind, intelligent tiger in the bedroom”

I prank called some boys!

“Is your refrigerator running?”

I baked some cookies!

And ate a little cookie dough while I was at it!

Maybe too much.

I did my nails!

I didn’t forget a pop nail!

Then I gave myself a makeover!

“Fire Engine Red”

And I took a selfie of all the fun I was having!

My life is perfect!

Happy Galentine’s Day, everyone!

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