My “Before I Turn 30” Bucket List

Someone recently asked me if I had a “Before I Turn 30” bucket list.

First of all, no I don’t.

Second of all, that sounds like a great idea that you could have asked me about 20 years ago.

However, if I had to guess what would have been on that bucket list, I think it would’ve looked something like this…

Things I want to accomplish before the age of 30:

  • Appear on Oprah
  • Run a marathon
  • Publish a book with a foreword by J.K. Rowling
  • Water ski
  • Ride a camel through a Spanish desert
  • Go on a safari in Africa
  • Learn another language
  • Join the Peace Corps
  • Trek the Inca Trail
  • Become a famous ballerina (on the list from 5-year-old me)
  • Hike Mount Everest
  • Adopt a child from a third world country to bring them out of the poverty that they would otherwise face
  • Fly in a hot air balloon over the Swiss Alps
  • Shake hands with a president (present company excluded)
  • Go camping in the Alaskan countryside and witness Northern Lights
  • Bungee jump in the Grand Canyon
  • Learn how to play the piano
  • Learn ballroom dancing
  • Marry Aladdin (5-year-old me again)
  • Jump off a waterfall in New Zealand
  • Get a Ph.D.
  • Take a gondola ride in Venice
  • Ride on the back of a hunky Italian’s moped
  • Mentor a child and make a difference in their life!
  • Swim in the beaches of Hawaii
  • Learn sign language
  • Learn how to knit
  • Airboat across an alligator-infested swamp
  • Attend Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  • Get married in a mid-century European castle


Unfortunately, I never did make a pre-30 bucket list, so none of those things happened. On a more optimistic note, though, here’s a list of…

Things I actually accomplished before the age of 30:

  • Born
  • Got my first kiss!
  • Met a Power Ranger
  • Sort of learned how to juggle
  • Visited the Outer Banks
  • Read over 25 Babysitter’s Club books
  • Convinced Cheeburger Cheeburger to let me participate in the Pounder Challenge with veggie burgers
  • Graduated from a bunch of different places, including college and Greenfield Elementary School
  • Went apple picking that one time
  • Started wearing colored contacts
  • Stopped wearing colored contacts
  • Adopted a fish
  • Accidentally lived in a cult
  • Ran with the bulls (in Petersburg, but whatever)
  • Saw the Pope
  • Fed a monkey on the side of the road˙
  • Got a tattoo that means absolutely nothing
  • Tried stand-up comedy
  • Saw Levar Stoney at a bar
  • Taught my dad how to send a text message
  • Held a koala
  • Learned how to drive a stick shift
  • Kissed the Blarney Stone
  • Rode an elephant
  • Flew first class twice, both times on accident
  • Sang Chop Suey in public
  • Called out of work to go sandboarding

Now to get started on that pre-40 bucket list.


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