Don’t Even Think About Breaking Into Our Pool

It’s pool season, which means my apartment complex message board is about to explode with daily complaints.

Rewind: say what?

In case you missed this post, about the wintertime dog poop problem around the area, and this post, about the elephants that live in my building: the apartment complex in which I reside has a community message board for residents to post items for sale, questions about the property, and best of all: complaints.

Which makes for some very rich reading material. Because like I said before, when people feel that they have a voice in the community…they’re going to share it with anyone who listens.

So once the community pool opened on Memorial Day, I was bracing myself for some juicy pool-related grievances. There aren’t enough lounge chairs, the pool is green, some overly-tanned bros are invading the sand volleyball court again, etc.

That’s what I thought, anyway.

But a mere day after the pool opened for the summer, we got, not only a severe complaint, but a solution.

And, for those of you who don’t have the privilege of living in the River Lofts complex, here’s a quick preface: you have to have a fob to get into the pool, and you have to have an amenity pass to stay there.

Back to our post.

5/30/17 9:35 a.m. Ravid Doss*:

I went into the pool area in Cameron Breezeway on Memorial Day and decided to sit by the volleyball court, as the pool was occupied by 5 screaming kids overseen by one person. I watched 3 times as keys/fobs were passed openly to others arriving in the parking area!


Along with other tenants, we all pay for the privalige (sic) of using the pool and it’s being easily abused by others.

Well did you ask to see amenity passes???

I wanted to ask to see amenity passes but that’s not my job.

But Ravid, if you weren’t a resident and you could abuse this pool access, wouldn’t you?

If I wasn’t a resident and I could abuse this pool access, I would. But I usually skip visiting the pools during the holidays to avoid the frustration.

If only we had someone volunteer to sit at the gate on a holiday to check people’s amenity passes and patrol the pool area…

If needed, I’d gladly sit at the gate on a holiday to check amenity passes and patrol the pool area to dissuade this kind of behavior,

Oh, gosh. Above and beyond! But what kind of compensation do you expect?


Am I dreaming?

You have my number. I’d be glad to give up my Saturdays to make sure this abuse ends.


So, to you non-residents out there: consider this your one and only warning if you’re thinking about using the River Lofts pool this summer without an amenity pass.

Ravid Doss is watching.


*Name has been scrambled to protect identity from my three followers.



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