The Daily Digest

I’ve lived in an apartment complex down in Shockoe Bottom for almost three years now. I enjoy the community atmosphere, the friendly staff, and the variety of available amenities.

But above everything else, what I’ve most enjoyed, is the Daily Digest.

The management company values community so much, that they’ve set up a message board for residents to post on whenever they see fit. Often people will post asking for extra boxes for moving, or offering their pet-sitting services, or complaining that the fire alarm in their building keeps going off for no reason.

And at the end of the day, management emails all of its residents with a wrap-up of the daily message board posts.

This may sound monotonous and annoying, but I look forward to this email every evening.

Because when some people feel like they have a voice in the community, they’re going to blast it out to anyone who listens.

For instance, sometimes I get to read posts like this one, from Resident Tattletale David Wright:

I didn’t think that we were permitted to place anything outside of our doors per our lease agreement. If that’s not the correct then please let me know. The lease also mentions that no repairs to vehicles are to be made inside of the garage, yet there seems to be a workshop set up as soon as you enter the Lucky Strike 26th street entrance to the garage.

Or this, from Christmas-lover Wanda Thompson:

Whoever keeps moving the Christmas decorations from everyone’s door in the Kinney Building needs to chill out. Don’t be a grinch, it’s not cute.

Or this, from Gregory Hess who wants to keep all of his neighbors in good physical shape:

Don’t let 2017 get away from you! Your beach body is built in the winter. If you’re new to the River Lofts or new to Richmond and looking to meet some cool new people who want to get fit and stay healthy, Shockoe Bottom CrossFit is the place to be. If you’re interested in 2 free trial classes contact us today!

But my favorite by far was posted last week, by one of my neighbors Stephen Cobb*. I’m pretty sure it’s the most detailed and convicting post I’ve ever seen during the two and a half years that I’ve lived here.

And I’m going to share it with you now.

The back story: evidently, in the snow, a lot of dog owners got lazy about cleaning up after their pets. Because of their lack of concern for others, fellow residents had to deal with looking at piles of dog feces and maneuvering around them as they walked by.

Many were dissatisfied with this issue.

Many felt disgruntled and angry.

Many wanted something done.

But only one stepped up.

River Lofts Daily Digest 1/13/17

Stephen Cobb: Please Post the Fine Amount on this Community Forum for failing to clean up after your dog.

Me, in my head: Well, as much as I know my lease front to back, I’m not sure I ever read a specific fine amount for failure to clean up after your dog. So…what if there hasn’t been a fine established for this? What if this hasn’t been enough of an issue for management to come up with a dollar amount? What price should they charge, Stephen?

If there has not been one established I would recommend $500 for the first offense,

Okay…that seems steep but fair I suppose. Well what if that $500 doesn’t teach them a lesson? What if they do it a second time? What do you think should happen then?

and eviction for the second.

My, that seems strict. What on earth prompted this message post anyway?

I walked to Subway

Oh, how far away was that?

(three blocks)

Okay continue.

today and there were four piles

Oh my gosh.

on the brick alley and sidewalks.

Okay Stephen. You’ve addressed the problem. Do you have a solution for how to catch these deranged monsters living among us?

It would be worthwhile to have someone with a zoom lens stroll around occasionally.

Well, what would that accomplish?

This would either act as a deterrence

Okay…but how could the River Lofts management company possibly afford to pay this photographer to occasionally stroll around and take pictures of pet owners failing to clean up after their pets?

or result in more than enough in fines to compensate the photographer.

Problem solved.

As a River Lofts resident, I’m so grateful for people like Stephen able to come up with a solution to all of our daily civilian crises.

Now if anyone reading this is a photographer with a zoom lens that wants to make a lot of money from fines and evictions, please post on the Daily Digest as soon as possible.




*Name was not changed to protect identity. Stephen, if you’re reading this, I had absolutely no idea you read my blog. I’ll change your name if you want me to. In any case, I just thought you should know that you make some pretty unreasonable requests.


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