Why I have been so bad about blogging lately

…Two months, to be exact.

As an aspiring writer, novelist, and commitment-maker, I vowed to blog once a week. That happened maybe once. So then I changed my goal to a more realistic biweekly. That happened a couple of times. Now I’m setting my sights on an annual blog post, and so far it’s going well.

Before you think I’m a huge slacker, just know that I have reasons for being so inconsistent. And many of them are unrelated to the fact that I’ve prioritized HBOGo and happy hour. So for all both of you that have asked why I haven’t posted anything in awhile, here’s why.



  • I’ve been trying to increase my coffee consumption, which takes a lot of time and dedication
  • I have a full time job, okay??
  • I decided to try my hand at math instead
  • I was busy holding this baby


  • I was busy holding this avocado


  • I’ve been making a list of things to blog about
  • I’ve been planning a trip to Cuba
  • I’ve been painting all of those murals around town
  • I finally watched this Star Wars thing
  • I was reading Chicken Soup for the Soul
  • I’ve been learning how to make latte art


  • I was doing some spring cleaning
  • I’ve been working on my presidential campaign
  • I started and finished writing a novel
  • I was getting a bunch of tattoos


  • I was busy celebrating my quarter birthday
  • I had to take out my recycling


But fear not everyone, the next annual post is just around the corner and will be here in 2017!


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