My Grown Up Christmas List

Now that I’m an adult with responsibilities and a job and stuff, my Christmas wish list looks a little different than it did when I was a kid. No longer asking for American Girl dolls, jeans from Limited Too, or a pony, I would just like my family and friends to take note of my requests this year.

  • A tank of gas
  • Health benefits
  • A job that I like
  • A gallon of milk
  • No snow this year please
  • Shampoo
  • Me time
  • A 401K (actually I don’t really care about this but I feel like it’s something I should want to have)
  • The eternal end of Nickelback
  • A vacuum cleaner
  • A pant suit
  • A hug
  • An oil change
  • A sandwich
  • Heat for my apartment
  • No more student loan debt
  • Socks that don’t have holes or broken elastic
  • A date
  • A car wash
  • A career
  • For my mother to stop asking when I’m going to have kids
  • A dentist appointment
  • A savings account
  • Money to put into my savings account
  • Dinner not eaten over the kitchen counter or in my car
  • Pajamas
  • A box of brand-name cereal
  • 10 fewer pounds
  • My credit cards paid off
  • Toothpaste
  • For this weird scar on my arm to go away
  • A cleaner bedroom
  • For someone to read this blog
  • For someone famous to read this blog
  • And like it
  • And then make me famous and hopefully rich
  • To never have any Taylor Swift song stuck in my head
  • The ability to stop getting hangnails
  • Oh, um—also, world peace or whatever.

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