It’s My Birthday…What Are You Gonna Give Me?

So, my number one goal for my birthday was to turn 25.


My number two goal was to see how much free stuff I could get in one day.

Turns out, a lot of businesses take birthdays as seriously as I do.

Birthday Berry Banana Blast!




Thanks, stoner at Jersey Mike’s! It was delicious.




IHOP, you shouldn’t have.




Free birthday slushie…Sonic’s got it, others don’t.




Massive quesadilla? That’ll be…no charge




You know what they say, free Starbucks is better than…expensive Starbucks




$5 off anything at Jason’s Deli. I’ll take that $4.99 carrot cake, please.




Spaghetti a la FREE.




Firehouse Subs….although perhaps getting a little tired of all this food.

Photo credit: Ben Brown

Caption credit: Ben Brown

Driving Richmond all day and putting up with someone who doesn’t take birthdays lightly¬†credit: Ben Brown

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