Things That Annoy Me

-Those inserts in magazines that try and get you to buy a years’ subscription

-That sticky residue fabric Band-aids leave when you take them off

-Itchy tags

-When coffee is too hot to drink right away

-But you do it anyway and have a burn on the roof of your mouth for two days

-When it’s freezing outside and the heat in your car blows cold air for the first couple of minutes after you turn it on

-When you think a donut is going to be cream filled but you’re halfway through and realize it’s not

-How loud a vacuum cleaner is

-Mosquito bites

-When all the marshmallows melt in your hot chocolate before you can eat them

-When the plastic part of your shoelace comes off and the end gets all frayed

-When the rain is too heavy for interval windshield wipers but not heavy enough for continuous

-When the handles on brown paper bags brake off

-Split ends

-When people give away cheap candy like Smarties at Halloween

-In public bathrooms when the soap dispenser is on the other side of the sink bar

-That dusty film you get on the front hubcaps of your car

-When you can’t find the beginning of the tape on a roll of tape

-When two spoons have been stuck together in the dishwasher and they’re both still dirty


-When someone parks RIGHT on the white line

-When all the ice gets stuck at the bottom of your glass

-When someone finishes the last of the maple and brown sugar oatmeal and you’re stuck with cinnamon apple

-Cheap paper towels

-When you’re mid-sneeze and it goes away

-The crumbs at the bottom of a potato chip bag (that you KNOW used to be together and formed a whole, delicious potato chip but are now worthless)

-When you’re trying to make a s’more and your marshmallow catches on fire

-When the TV takes like ten seconds to turn all the way on

-When your strand of floss breaks before you’re finished

-When you swallow a piece of ice that’s a little too big and for the next few seconds it feels like you have glass in your throat

-Yellow lights

-When you have your alarm song stuck in your head for the entire day

-When you miss a spot shaving

-When you touch your freshly painted nail and have a fingerprint on it for days

-Ketchup juice

-When the GPS doesn’t recognize the address you need to go to

-Dirty snow

-Those dents you get in your clothes when they’ve been on a wire hanger too long

-When the electricity goes out for a second and you have to reset the time on your microwave

-When the visors in your car can’t reach quite far enough to cover the sun

-When you got the cereal to milk ratio wrong.

Now my day is ruined.


One thought on “Things That Annoy Me

  1. Rebecca Yoder says:

    Haha! What about when someone leaves extra empty bullets, or when someone leaves those sticker covers on electronics?

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